Injuries and conditions of the Hand, wrist and elbow

At some point in time, most everyone experiences a wrist, hand or finger injury.  While most injuries heal without surgical intervention, still each year, thousands of Americans require surgery in order to restore function or relief pain in the hand, wrist or finger.

Some typical hand, wrist and finger injuries requiring surgery include the following:
Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs when the median nerve experiences pressure as it passes under the carpal tunnel ligament in the wrist. To the patient, it feels like pins, needles and numbness to the fingers. Surgery to split the carpal tunnel ligament and ease pressure on the nerve is sometimes needed.

Tendonitis refers to when tendons in your hand tear or snap. Tendonitis can often be treated with injections and physical therapy.  If the tendon has ruptured, you’ll need early treatment if surgery is to be successful and to protect the other tendons in your hand from rupturing.

Fractures that break apart the smooth joint surface or fractures that shatter into many pieces (comminuted fractures) may make the bone unstable. These severe types of fractures often require surgery to restore and hold their alignment.