Orthopedic Services

Our practice offers diagnostic, treatment and rehabilitation services for a wide range of orthopedic conditions.

Physician Assistants – Our Physician assistants play a vital role in the treatment and recovery process for Gadsden Orthopedic patients. Learn more about our PA’s and their impact on your treatment and recovery.

X-Ray – We provide on-site digital x-ray services. Our x-rays are taken by our in-house certified radiology technicians and interpreted by our physicians.

Surgical & Non-surgical treatment – Gadsden Orthopedics believes in using non-surgical methods such as steroid injections, physical therapy and other less-invasive options wherever possible. When the surgeon and patient determine that a surgical approach is the best option for a patient’s well-being, our surgeons utilize the most modern, least invasive methods possible to insure less bleeding, a quicker recovery time and the fastest return to life and work possible. Our areas of specialty include but are not limited to the following: